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Posted by Shankar Ramakrishnan on

Dear pet parents we welcome you to our new pet supplies web store. We offer wide array of products for all your pets 24/7 online. From dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, bunny and small animals we have all the products to make their life comfortable and enjoyable. We source our pet supplies from reputable suppliers from united states of America. We thrive on carrying unique pet supplies that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether you are looking for a pink dog crate or a compact bird cage we have it. We do free shipping on orders over $49. Our customer service is here to help answer all your questions.

Rest assured our dog products are tested by our own Frenchie kid Bruce. He is a healthy 7-year-old French bulldog. Puppy products are also occasionally tested by our pug puppy Willow.

 We understand we treat our pets as our own family. We have firsthand experience doing just that. We had and have several pets including frogs, hermit crabs, turtle, hedgehog, fish, pigeons, dogs and cat. We had experience handling all kinds of pets. Our knowledge is firsthand and that translates to this awesome pet supplies web store.

 Trust us with all your pet supplies needs. We will make sure your pet get the best of the best.

Thank you for visiting us at petsupplyweb.com and highly appreciate your business.


BRUCE the Frenchie!

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